• Why choose an FHA Loan?
  • FHA Loans allows down to a 500 credit score
  • Don’t have funds for down payment?

Welcome to FHA Loan Direct

Welcome Home Home buying seems to be a distant dream for people with low monthly income as well as for cash-strapped first time buyers. If you don’t have enough cash reserves to pay 20% down payment, FHA home loans might be the best suited home loan program for you. At FHA Home Loan Group, we strive to help people with their home buying and provide information about all the loans offered by FHA.

FHA Purchase

Looking to purchase a home? FHA Loans, are the most popular home loan program today. Providing consumers with access to low down payments, low fixed interest rates, thereby making home ownership more affordable.

FHA Refinance

Did you know? If you are availing FHA loans for home financing, you can make a smarter move by opting for FHA refinance which allows you to save more money every month. FHA refinancing allows home buyers to enjoy lower interest rates and lower monthly payments, which means you will have less burden on your shoulders.

First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home? The first item on your checklist might be home financing and this is where most buyers feel they are treading on unknown waters. Don't worry, we can help you find the home loans best suited to your need and budget.

FHA Loan Benefits

Being a government backed mortgage, there are several benefits consumers receive when obtaining an FHA Loan.

What are my costs?

There are costs involved when buying a home and we want to ensure you have a clear understanding of what types of costs you may incur so you can plan accordingly.